A course at the Cookery School is a continual learning experience. Different from workshops – it builds and enhances skills and abilities through a period of time so that participants are continually acquiring information and improving expertise whilst having fun and appreciating the complexities of cooking.

The courses we currently have on offer include:

A Six Week Basic Cookery Skills – for teenagersteen course

A Six Week Improvement Course – for teenagers, a follow on from the basic course

The Duke of Edinburgh – International Skills Awards Course. This is for those students who need to exhibit a skill to qualify for the award. It is designed to cover the required number of hours laid down by the rules of the International Awards administrators and as well as providing the skill required for the award – also gives valuable cooking skills needed for life after school.

A 3 day Student Crash Course – for those who have just started University / college or are about to start and want quick, cheap and easy meal ideas as well as the occasional menu ideas to impress!

student cookingThe Cookery School can create a course on demand. Let us know your requirements and we will design a course to your specifications.






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Summer School

Courses for Teenagers