Summer School of Fun Intensive Cookery

The courses run for 1 week for 3 hours at a time, each for the Teens and for Juniors.  The cost includes all the ingredients, aprons and food to take home, and for the week is: 175 Euros for Teens, 100 Euros for Juniors, or just come for the day (please ask for daily rate).

TEENS (13 upwards)summer school

Practical: This course is a hands-on approach introducing an interest in cooking and having fun with food!
Knowledge: It gives a basic grounding in cookery, knife skills, health and safety and nutrition.
Aim: At the end of the week teens will have the confidence to cook a meal for themselves and  others in their own home.
Attention: With small classes of no more than 8 – individual attention is guaranteed.

Each session starts with a short demonstration and then it’s down to the individual to  follow the recipe and produce some delicious food under the guidance of Tracey.  Whatever is cooked can then be eaten at the Cookery School or taken home.

Course Content – an example of what can be covered

Learn knife skills and kitchen safety.
Put chopping skills into practice! Make fast and healthy meals. These might include, Fajitas, Chicken stir fry or Thai noodles. (Depending on season) Fruit kebabs or caramelised oranges to follow.

Quick Breads and soups
Aimed at cheap, fast and nutritious food.  Italian minestrone, sweet potato and coconut  milk soup or fast green pea soup, served with cheese scones, Irish soda bread or bacon and cheddar twists

Pasta and sauces

A fun session, making pasta from scratch! Home-made pesto, tomato sauce, carbonara, lasagne are just a few example of what can be made.  Delicious poached pears with a chocolate sauce complete the meal.

Family Roast Dinner

Learn the easy way to produce a full roast meal, accompaniments and a desert as well!   Stuffed chicken thighs wrapped in bacon, roast potato and root vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and a fool proof desert that will impress!

What a fun way to spend a holiday week!

Cost:    1 week – 175 Euros to include ingredients and instruction.

JUNIORS (6-12)

summer school

Practical:  This course is a hands-on approach aimed at creating an interest in cooking and having fun with food!

How:  Sessions begin with a demonstration – followed by putting the theory into practice and producing food that can be eaten at the cookery school or taken home to show off their expertise.

They will learn basic knife skills and kitchen safety.  Make fast and healthy meals, learn the art of pasta making and rolling; the difference between pizza dough and bread dough; how to make sauces and soups, pies and puddings, cakes and deserts.

They will gain an appreciation of nutrition and hygiene as well as learning how to clear up after themselves.

By the end of the week – they will be confident and capable cooks – eager to demonstrate their skill and ability by cooking family meals at home.

A fun way to spend a holiday week.

Cost:    1 week – 100 Euros to include ingredients and instruction.