The cold weather has added another dynamic to our Sunday lunches here at The Cookery School.
Firstly there is a roaring fire, the table set around it and lots of lovely people around it enjoying home made bread and soup. Then comes the roast dinner, a different roast every week, with seasonal vegetables and the much loved Yorkshire pudding .
Everyone’s eyes light up when Mum’s dessert is being served. It could be anything from New York Cheese Cake, Tarte aux Citron, Profiterole with chocolate sauce or a simple bread and butter pudding with custard. It is certainly the highlight of the meal.
Apart from the food, the best bit is seeing all the guests laughing and chatting with their neighbors, most of whom did not know each other when they first arrived. Many new friendships have been made around Tracey’s Table on a Sunday and that really makes my day worthwhile.