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Cookery Tip – Resist the urge to prod, press and fiddle!

Resist the urge to prod, press and fiddle if you want perfect homemade burgers patties! Have you ever had you burger crumble through the grate into the fire leaving the family hungry? Make your patty to your usual recipe. Heat your grill to a medium high temperature. Brush a little oil on the patty before you put them on the grill. Do not try to turn them until you see the underneath browning and caramelizing. They will not stick and crumble if you turn them when they are ready to be turned! Only turn once, don’t prod, press and...

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Cookery Tip – Avoid Too Much Of A Good Thing

Measuring Tips & Tricks When measuring ingredients, never measure over the mixing bowl containing the other ingredients. Measure over a sheet of wax paper to catch any excess spillage, this can then be returned to the ingredient’s container. Measure the dry ingredients first and then use the measuring cups and spoons for the liquid ingredients. Store loose dry ingredients, such as salt, in a lidded container. The ingredient can then be spooned out and levelled, rather than trying to pour it into a measuring spoon and having it spill over the edges. To help you keep track of which...

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Cookery Tip – Avoid Soggy Bottoms!

I make quiches all the time due to the fact that my customers love them……secret is no soggy bottoms! The perfect quiche method: Chill your pastry and tin before lining it. Always save a small amount of uncooked pastry for repairs. Bake pastry that has been lined with baking parchment and filled with baking beans in a hot oven 200 degrees. If there are any cracks in cooked pastry fill with uncooked pastry so the egg mixture does not seep through. Turn oven to 165 degrees and fill your cooked pastry case. Always bake on the oven tray rather...

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Cooking Tip

Speed up your bread baking using a warm oven Not all of us have time to bake homemade bread due to the hours it normally takes to rise. Set your oven to 80 degrees when starting to make the dough switching it off once it reaches the correct temperature. Put your dough in a bowl covered with cling film and pop it in the warm oven to speed up the rising process. Just make sure the oven is warm and not hot as it will kill the yeast and render your dough to a heavy...

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