Learn to have fun cooking in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere!

To Xani (the Inn) in Paramytha has been customised to provide the ideal cooking facilities required to allow groups to practice hands on cookery skills. Creativity, fun and socialising are all essential to make these cookery sessions a valuable and enjoyable experience.

About Tracey

Just a little about me, for those of you that don’t already know!

My passion for food and cooking began when I was a little girl, inspiring me to do a Cordon Bleu Diploma Course when I finished high school. From there on, there was no stopping me.

I went on to run my own restaurant, manage hotels, be a Contract Catering Manager and then a regional Quality Manager, open my own private catering business and eventually culminating in lecturing Cookery Skills and Restaurant Management at Manchester University.

There is nothing I love more than to entertain friends and colleagues around the kitchen table, cooking, eating and tasting fine wines. Seasonal ingredients in Cyprus inspire me to cook a wide range of international foods, with Italian being my favourite.

I have, for as long as I can remember, wanted to teach children and adults alike – to cook in a fun and informal environment. To me, food and cooking are the perfect way to bring family and friends together, so the opening of The Cookery School was a dream come true!

Over the last few years, The Cookery School has grown and developed in ways that have exceeded my hopes and dreams for it. Now I am lucky enough to have found the perfect new home for The Cookery School to enable me to grow and try all of the exciting ideas that I did not have the capacity to do before. Please check my website for details about events coming up in the new few weeks, and I hope to see you there soon.

For further information: info@thecookeryschoolcyprus.com